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Luxury Real Estate agency in Marbella

At Homerun Brokers we got the memo – we know your successful property search means connecting you with your goals and achieving what you have strived for. When you pass the baton to us, our first aim is to connect with you and understand you. Our international team of strategic-minded real estate professionals thinks on its feet and guides you. We have all Marbella and its surrounds covered – in up to eight languages.

Property Management

Eric Ebbing Eric Ebbing
Founder & CEO

Eric Ebbing

Roger Widén Roger Widén
Partner - Head of Sales

Roger Widén

Matías Concha Matías Concha
Partner - Property Broker

Matías Concha

Miah van de Bilt Miah van de Bilt
Partner - Property Broker

Miah van de Bilt

Robert Bazo Robert Bazo
Business Expansion Manager

Robert Bazo

Sarah Sorrell Sarah Sorrell
Property Broker

Sarah Sorrell

Ermira Buja Ermira Buja
Property Broker

Ermira Buja

Jessica Hammargren Jessica Hammargren
Property Broker

Jessica Hammargren

Rahel Smiljanic Rahel Smiljanic
Property Broker

Rahel Smiljanic

Cristina Barroso Cristina Barroso
Property Broker

Cristina Barroso

Bohdan Bilei Bohdan Bilei
Rental Broker

Bohdan Bilei

Marketing & Administration

Anna Wollin Anna Wollin
Sales Admin

Anna Wollin

Jennifer Rocamora Jennifer Rocamora
Head of Marketing

Jennifer Rocamora

Rafkat Rafikov Rafkat Rafikov
Marketing Strategist

Rafkat Rafikov

Tessa Arts Tessa Arts
Digital Marketing Specialist

Tessa Arts

Maria Malmström Maria Malmström
Marketing Coordinator

Maria Malmström

Blaz Rogelsek Blaz Rogelsek
Content Creator

Blaz Rogelsek

Homerun Developments

Christopher Fäldt Christopher Fäldt
Partner - Head of Developments

Christopher Fäldt

Anna Tannergård Anna Tannergård
Project Controller

Anna Tannergård

Zaida Gomez Zaida Gomez
Senior Project Manager

Zaida Gomez

Samuel Sanz Samuel Sanz
Project Manager

Samuel Sanz

Youness Agharbi Youness Agharbi
Site Manager

Youness Agharbi

Luisina Marchiori Luisina Marchiori
Interior Designer

Luisina Marchiori

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