Content Creator

Blaz Rogelsek

Blaz was born in Slovenia in 1992 and discovered his passion for videography at the age of 17. His journey through the visual arts has taken him from his home country to living in Ukraine and Cyprus before finally settling in Spain. Blaz brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the Homerun Brokers team, where he specializes in crafting compelling video content that showcases the luxurious lifestyle of the properties they represent.

Before joining Homerun Brokers, Blaz honed his skills in various environments, learning how to tell a story through his lens in a way that resonates with viewers. His expertise in videography is not just about capturing moments but about creating narratives that engage and inspire potential clients. Blaz’s work is characterized by his ability to blend creativity with technical skills, making each property video not only a visual tour but a captivating experience.

Living in different countries has enriched Blaz’s personal and professional life, giving him a unique ability to connect with diverse audiences and adapt to changing landscapes in the world of real estate marketing. Beyond his professional pursuits, Blaz has a passion for lifting weights, a discipline that mirrors his work ethic. He believes in pushing limits, striving for excellence, and bringing a level of dedication and determination to everything he does.

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