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Anna Wollin

Anna’s journey from Stockholm to the sun-kissed shores of Marbella at the age of two marked the beginning of a life infused with diversity and cultural richness. Growing up in Marbella, she attended a private English college, giving her impeccable fluency in English, Spanish and her native Swedish. This linguistic prowess became a valuable asset as Anna entered into the world of Real Estate, a journey now spanning over three decades.
With over 30 years of dedicated service to the Marbella real estate landscape, Anna has cultivated a deep reservoir of experience and knowledge across every facet of the industry. From navigating the nuances of property transactions to understanding the details of market dynamics, she stands as a seasoned professional.
Anna’s commitment to excellence is not confined to her professional pursuits. Her love for travel has taken her to various corners of the globe, further enriching her perspective and contributing to her cosmopolitan approach to life. As a seasoned real estate expert, multilingual communicator, and avid explorer, Anna brings a unique blend of skills, insights, and a worldly mindset to Homerun Brokers.

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