Interior Designer

Luisina Marchiori

Luisina Marchiori Moglia, an architect and interior designer born in Argentina with Italian nationality, brings a fusion of global influences and personal passion to her work. With a background in Economics and Business from the University of Mendoza and further architectural studies, Luisina specializes in both commercial and residential interior design. Her deep commitment to creating aesthetic environments is further enriched by a master’s degree in Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising, emphasizing the psychological effects of design on human behavior and sales.

Luisina’s move to Marbella was inspired by the city’s quality of life, where she has worked alongside prestigious global luxury brands, enhancing her experience in high-end design. Her approach integrates a zen lifestyle, daily meditation, and mindfulness practices, influencing her to design spaces that are not only visually appealing but also spiritually fulfilling. She believes in the transformative power of organized, well-furnished spaces enriched with harmonious colors to uplift one’s energy.

Fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian, Luisina excels in catering to a diverse clientele, bringing a broad perspective to each project. She is dedicated to marrying style with soul, ensuring every space she designs deeply connects with those who experience it.


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