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Bohdan Bilei

Bohdan is a versatile individual known for his adaptability, teamwork, integrity, and commitment to continuous learning. With a wealth of experience in sales, project management, and rental management acquired during his time at various international companies, he brings a well-rounded skill set to his role.

Originally from Ukraine, Bohdan continued his education there, obtaining both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees before moving to Spain. He strongly believes in maintaining a well-balanced body and mind, a philosophy reflected in his achievement as a black belt and champion in the sport of Taekwondo, demonstrating his determination and discipline.

Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, and English, he easily connects with clients and colleagues. Bohdan’s solution-oriented mindset is evident in his approach to overcoming obstacles; he firmly believes in staying optimistic and proactive, with the understanding that every challenge presents opportunities for growth and learning.

His approach to goal-setting involves meticulous information gathering, analysis, and filtering, culminating in the creation of personalized tactics aimed at maximizing productivity. For Bohdan, work is not just a job but a passion, hobby, and lifestyle. He thrives in environments like Homerun Brokers, where he can surround himself with like-minded individuals who share his vision.

Bohdan’s professional competence, combined with his creative thinking, commitment to excellence, and dedication to growth, makes him a valuable asset to the rental department.

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